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At The End Of All Our Exploring (2014)


Both the discovery of this place, a desert in its characteristics, isolated, and both the exposure of its findings reveal a new 'reality' out of a 'reality'. In our perception of the world it is always laid out before us, breached to our satisfaction – in the ease of a flight and the speed of a mouse click we have access to all places, and even if they are "not from here", even if they are imaginary spaces, they are always broad and saturated with information. A Geographer named Yi-Fu Taun once said that "When space feels thoroughly familiar to us, it has become place." (Yi-Fu Taun, Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience, 1976). Is it possible to make a counter assumption?


In some ways the Internet speed is higher than the speed of light. The complete mapping of Mars, of the Moon, their accessibility in Google Earth makes them real places, legitimate attachments of this world, on its landscapes, strange devices and architectural structures. This way, gradually, with the progress of technology, and next to science and science fiction – the Distinction between places becomes more and more difficult to decipher. Richness of associations confuses the senses and the sensors.

"It is metamorphic forms that are magical. Not the sylvan, vegetal forest, but the petrified, mineralized forest. [...] The effect of monumentality, geometry, and architecture where nothing has been designed or planned." (Baudrillard, America, 1986). What came first- the virgin, distilled landscape, or the enigmatic architecture planted on top of it? The mountainside barricades, the covered object in the desert landscape, the water tower in the woods, they all suggest a more complex story, of Threatening, hidden Controlling Mechanisms. The trail of potential destruction is present. A Dystopian possibility is embodied in the works as a reflection of this world in a different era, and at the same time- nowhere at all, As Obscure locations with no purpose.


The ease of navigation, the internet exploring, all of which enable compiling pieces of the world and sewing them into animated meanings and ideas – readymade welded to readymade, formalistic photography next to an internet webcam and a soundtrack taken from YouTube, a former classified document, freely downloadable to whoever seeks and desires it, next to a shiny object from a different century. The elements in the work serves as "findings" in Similar and variable hierarchies, and support a didactic-fictitious line of thought, which would like to challenge the phenomenology of the characteristics of the known world. This is an attempt to create a different, hybrid genre, that Encompasses a new observing Potential on the universe as a whole, in this age.




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