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Black Magic is a body of work created while being an artist-in-resident in Hämeenkyrö, Finland (May-June, 2014).


The work deals in a playful way with aspects in the landscape that hold dark perceptions to them and a supernatural feel. The imaginative aspect of culture that we all draw from is what allows for the mystery to exist in the work. It is what I am attempting to disassemble and reassemble in various ways.


I have been manipulating ready-made hand drawn maps found online, some of which are old Finnish maps from the 17th-18th Century and some are imaginary, taken from a fictional book series. The maps are processed in a way that no text is visible and mirrored into a rorschach style image.


Other than the maps are original film photographs, taken in the surrounding landscape. Some of which are also manipulated in various ways, creating a tension between the two dimensions of the photographs and the sculptural quality of the maps and the markings.



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