Meytar is a multidisciplinary artist and the creative director at vrWiz, her recently co-founded Virtual Reality production studio. She is based in New York and graduated from the MFA program in the Photography, Video and Related Media at The School of Visual Arts, NY (May '17). She received a BFA in photography (July, '13) from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 


The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe, has been sparking people's imagination for centuries. That spark is the material of my practice, as I direct the searchlight back towards the keepers of information and the curious observers.


while I am less interested in solving the riddle of existence, (though it would be undoubtedly fascinating), I choose to investigate the mysterious workings of the imagination and how, under the right conditions or contexts, it can produce UFO sightings out of ambiguous visual phenomena; fictional landscapes, or strange alien technology out of bland rock formations. I explore the associative implications of assembling fractured meanings as a way of coping with the unknown.

In this recently coined “post-truth” era, it is more evident that the truth is only secondary in significance to our ability to mold it to our vantage, and so I dare ask: What is the fragmented narrative and is it possible to plot its course?

Image credit: MFA Photo, Video and Related Media, SVA, 2017

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