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The word 'automata' comes from the Greek word αὐτόματος, which means "self-acting, self-willed, self-moving", the reenactment of life, by a mechanical device or programmed set of rules. It originated as a theory in theoretical computer science though it's poetic ramifications apply further into sci-fi, psychology and simulation theories of origin.

As an ongoing body of work, AUTOMATA (2022~) is a thematic expansion of materials from Moran's debut book of poetry + art 'STEP HARM WOUND' (פֶּסע פֶּגע פֶּצע). Images and poems take on an animated life in real-time and space, through integration of text, image, video, sound, dance and performance. 

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פסע פגע פצע_עמ65.jpg

Page spread from the book 'Step, Harm, Wound'



AUTOMATA: Disintegration

Dance Performance, Movement, Sound, 15:00 min.

Meytar Moran & Lauren Catherine D.S.


A site specific work begins where the words end, engages in a dialogue with the Hebrew poetry library space of 'Beit Ariela', Tel Aviv. The piece examines through body and motion what lies beneath psychic mechanisms, patterns and cyclicity which is both mechanic and tragic in it's mortality.


This is the first collaboration between contact improvisation dancer Lauren Catherine D.S. and artist and poet Meytar Moran, based on the materials of Moran's book of poetry, 'Step, Harm, Wound' (Eyruvin Publishing, 2022)

Artistic Direction, Customs,

Original Sound composition, Editing

Meytar Moran

Choreography & Performance

Lauren Catherine D.S.



Aviad Fox


This is Culture Art Festival, 2022

Curator: Raz Shapira

The Poetry library, Beit-Ariela



[2]            AUTOMATA:


HD Video Projection, no sound, 10:00 min, Loop, 2022

[3]            AUTOMATA:


HD Video Projection, Stereo sound, 5:00 min, Loop, 2022